Our Beloved West Catholic Boys High School is being demolished.

Thank you Harry Garland III for the pictures

Final Pictures as of March 20, 2009

img_0477_small.jpg img_0478_small.jpg img_0479_small.jpg img_0480_small.jpg
img_0481_small.jpg img_0482_small.jpg img_0483_small.jpg img_0484_small.jpg
img_0485_small.jpg img_0486_small.jpg img_0487_small.jpg img_0488_small.jpg
img_0489_small.jpg img_0490_small.jpg img_0491_small.jpg img_0492_small.jpg
img_0493_small.jpg img_0494_small.jpg img_0495_small.jpg img_0496_small.jpg

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