SUMMER EDITION 2012                                


This is our twelfth edition of the Class of 1958 Newsletter and we are looking forward to having a great summer.  


You will find in this newsletter reports about the Sports Hall of Fame Dinner, the 91st Annual Alumni Association Communion Breakfast, and the success of our 54th Anniversary Luncheon, news about upcoming events, a news release about the appointment of a new president for West Catholic, a report from George Light about West Catholic, a report about Jack and Bonnie Sheridan's son, reports about the activities of two classmates, a remembrance of "Moon" Mullen, comments received from classmates, our

feature section "REMEMBERING THE GOOD OLD DAYS", and finally condolences for four of our classmates.


We encourage you to let us know just what is happening in your life.  Anyone wishing to send information for the newsletter, i.e. requesting prayers for the sick, the deceased, information regarding family, birth of grandchildren, marriages, trips, retirement, etc., may contact Rich Buzza at richbuzza@comcast.net, Frank Adolf at fjapfa@netzero.net, or Frank Metzler at fjmetzler@gmail.com


No information will be printed in the newsletter unless we receive the information from the class member himself.   









submitted by: BILL MARELLA


On Saturday night, March 24th, the annual Sports Hall of Fame Dinner was held at the Ramada Hotel in Essington, PA.  The following West graduates were inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame:


John McKernan, '52 Football (Posthumously)

James Dunn, '56 Basketball

Robert (Bob) Gormley, '58, Basketball

Sr. Carol Doring, '63 Basketball

Emile Henwood, '64 Crew

Joseph McHale, '67 Football


The atmosphere was one of excitement and enjoyment at seeing former classmates and friends.  Starting with the cocktail hour, everyone had time to move around and converse with their fellow alums.  The class of '58 was well represented taking up several tables at dinner.


After dinner, the induction ceremony was held.  Speeches were kept brief.  When it came time to induct our Bob Gormley, Charlie Johnson gave everyone a peak at why Bob was being inducted.  Charlie took everyone back to when they hung out at Dave's Corner and played basketball in the school yard.  They were the young guys who were chased off the court on Saturday by the "older guys".  The normal Saturday morning was basically you guys get lost, except you Gormley, you can stay.  it just showed the respect they had for his basketball skills.


After the ceremonies were over, many went up to the hospitality suite for some refreshments, but more importantly to continue conversations with our friends and classmates.  The spirit is still very much alive.  There is a certain pride that you can feel and see when West Catholic grads are talking to each other.  They truly believe that "West is Best".






submitted by:  FRANK ADOLF


The West Catholic Alumni Association held its 91st Annual Communion Breakfast and Awards Ceremony at the Springfield Country Club, on Sunday, April 15, 2012.  Father Michael Marrone, school minister, was the principal celebrant and homilist of the Mass.  In attendance were approximately 302 loyal alums and guests.  The class of 1958 was well represented by Frank Adolf, Rich Buzza, Jim Clark, Larry Doran, Bob Dowd, Anthony Evangelista, Joe Gavaghan, Charlie Johnson, Jim Lynch, George Light, and Bill Marella.  The breakfast service was the usual offerings of orange juice, scrambled eggs, home fries, bacon, sausage (all low fat of course), toast and coffee.  


The Bishop John J. McCort Award was jointly awarded to Father Michael Marrone for his tireless efforts to keep West Catholic open and to Sister Mary Bur for her many years of service to the Students of West Catholic and her leadership throughout this past difficult year.  


The Brother Edwin Anselm Award was jointly awarded to Brother Patrick Cassidy for his dedication to the students and as a token of the Association's gratitude to the many Brothers that have served West Catholic since 1926; and to Ms. Nicole Roper, chair of the History Department, in recognization of her dedication to the students and outstanding achievements at West Catholic.  Ms. Roper represents the legacy and tradition of excellence established by the many Lay Teachers who have served at West Catholic.     


The 50th Anniversary Golden Burrs Awards were given to John Heppler and Tim Clifford, Class of 1962, for their true West Catholic Spirit and in recognition of the many accomplishments of the Class of 1962. 


The Golden Burr Award went to Frank McNally for his dedication to West Catholic and the many young football players that have benefitted from his coaching and guidance.  \


The Brother John G. Owens award went to Robert Simpson, '52 for his contributions to the Class of 1952 and to fellow alums. 


James Coyne, '39 was awarded the William H. McGarvey Award for his many years of service to the Alumni Association.


A grand time was had by all.




MAY 10, 2012


submitted by:  JOHN STAIBER


As has been the case for the past several years this event was held at the Ramada Airport Inn in Essington, just down the road from the old St. Raphael parish.  Every so often it needs mentioning that the Ramada staff is quite accommodative and attentive to our particular needs and it also helps that this location has good access to our many South Jersey classmates and those that travel up I-95 from Delaware, Maryland and the DC area, as well as Philadelphia International Airport. 


The day began with some essential behind the scenes activity as several committee members arrived early to set up the many Parish display boards.  Jim Clark (MBS) has carefully created these beautiful displays for each WC feeder parish which includes photos of the church, school buildings and individual photos of ech class member from that particular parish.  Each display also includes a memorial section honoring all our deceased classmates. 


The social/cocktail hour began just before noon and it was immediately apparent that this would be an especially spirited crowd.  

Turnout increased substantially this year over last.  We had 58 total attendees; 55 classmates and 3 guests.  Read more about these guests later in this article.


At the conclusion of the social hour, George Light (De Sales) stood to offer welcoming remarks and he introduced Brother Gregory Cavalier for the invocation prior to the luncheon meal.  "Let us pray for all our deceased Classmates, especially George E. Hoopes, Dominic G. Poppa, Anthony P. Gargiule, Patrick T. Gallagher, James J. Kramer, Martin Murphy, Robert Shuff and James T. Rowan, all of whom passed away since the last luncheon in 2011." 


Immediately following the invocation, Frank Metzler (St. Carthage) stood to read a tribute to our fabled Gym teacher and leader of WC marching band, the late "Moon" Mullen which was written by his daughter Lois Mullen Magee and can be read in its entirety in Frank Metzler's article later on in this same newsletter. 


After lunch George Light again took the microphone to introduce our honored guest Brother Gregory Cavalier who is one of the most admired teachers any student could hope to have.  Officially, Brother Gregory taught Latin, French and Religion, but way beyond his classroom work he taught self confidence, the values of compassion, quiet dignity and personal honor to all of us fortunate boys who landed in his classrooms.  I remember him as a role model even on the basketball court with his unselfish playmaking and all-around fairness.  He made you earn respect and value teamwork, all while having a super good time.  I think he should be teaching teachers.


George Light went on to acknowledge five first time luncheon attendees, Al Gresh, Bob Houlihan, Andy Thompson, Joe Inemer and Bernie Lawless.  "Al Gresh flew here from Florida this morning and is return tonight.  Bob Houlihan is from Reading, PA, Andy Thompson is from Takoma Park, Maryland".  George also acknowledged two fellow Burrs from other classes in attendance ; Joe Kady from the class of 1959 and Joe Aliano from the class of 1960.


Because of his position in the West Catholic Development Office, George took a few moments to address the recent events which were so much in the news lately.  He referred to this as "The Miracle on 45th Street" - how the school was saved from extinction, at the 11th hour.  It is a compelling and exciting story but George stressed that it is a "work-in-process" and requires continuous effort.  He asked us all to be as generous as possible to the various fund raising efforts:  the annual Alumni Appeal, Burrs at the Beach, Communion Breakfast, etc.  George remained at the podium to answer many questions from the audience.  Our class is certainly fortunate to be able to call on George to keep us up-to-date on WC news and events.


At this point Brother Gregory was asked to say a few words and he started by reflecting on his memories of people like "Moon" Mullen and Father James King who we all knew as "Brother Azzie" and as he spoke he told about his love for the West Catholic spirit.  He told how he still gets choked up just talking about WC and this from a "kid who grew up in Pittsburgh".  Lastly, he reminded us that as grandfathers we all have a special duty to help support our own families in their struggle to attain a Catholic school education just as our parents and grandparents secured for us.  When he finished his remarks, he left no doubt that WC and her loyal sons had etched a deep mark on his memory.  Afterward, most everyone of us found a few moments to speak individually with him.


Now was the time to call out the 50/50 Grand prize cash winner - Joe Warner - (Good Shepherd).


And a bunch of door prize winners too:


Bob DiRita, Dick Boyle, Sam McGhie, Lou Criscillo, Larry Signora, Vince Reynolds, Jim Gallagher, Anthony Evangelista, Bernie Lawless, Charlie Johnson, Bill Marella, Joe Bradley, Tom Henry, Tom McClain, Joe Gavaghan, Bob Schaefer, Angelo Sivieri, Al Bocchicchio, John McIlhenny, Brother Gregory, Joe Aliano '60 & Tom Hughes. 


With that there was ample time to move around, view the display boards, meet-up with our old grade school friends, former teammates and whomever we wanted to connect with.


Many thanks to Frank Adolf (Transy) and Rich Buzza (MBS) and all their committee members for helping to keep us connected.  And also a big thanks to Jim Prendergast (Transy) for his outstanding efforts in creating our class of 1958 website -



Hope to see all next year at our 55th anniversary reunion.  I wouldn't miss it.  Should be a good one.

 !cid_4D8A5CE560D64C5B832A3AA13171AE34@Frank.jpg !cid_F2660C3B822F411989A20A3495B2A9AB@Frank.jpg !cid_4EAA88817475485F851318E3ABE280BB@Frank.jpg



Pictures left to right: 1) Don (Andy)Thompson and Brother Gregory Cavalier  2) Bob Gormley, Frank Adolf, Dennis O'Leary 

3) Lou Criscillo, Chuck Martini, Frank McDonnell, John McIlhenney, Sam McGhie               



        !cid_4FF9B50E5BD64735BD71A48CBF2C6DB0@Frank.jpg    !cid_F7B051F0B1684C4DA5F60DA63405915A@Frank.jpg    !cid_FA6E514FB3A548CC92AA120F1331AD0B@Frank.jpg

        Pictures left to right: 1) Bob Houlihan, Jack Andiario, Anthony Evangelista, Vince Reynolds,  2) Joe Bradley, Joe Storniolo,

        Joe Kady '59, Dick Boyle, Joe Semeister, Tom Koch, Tom McClain,  3) Larry Doran, Charlie Johnson, Angelo Sivieri     










 July 8, 2012 - BURRS AT THE BEACH - Westy's Irish Pub, N. Wildwood, NJ

Be part of the action and join your fellow BURRS at Westy's.


September 12, 2012 - CARDINAL JOHN O'CONNOR GOLF OUTINGBala Golf Club 


For information contact George Light at 215-386-2244 ext. 260 or georgelightwchs@hotmail.com

cell 610-996-2015







submitted by:  FRANK ADOLF

Brothers of the Christian Schools Commit New Leadership to Ongoing Lasallian Presence in Philadelphia Catholic Education

3/23/12 - Philadelphia & Wyndmoor, PAThe Brothers of the Christian Schools, District of Eastern North America, are pleased to announce that effective July 1, 2012 Brother Richard Kestler, FSC, will assume leadership at West Philadelphia Catholic High School in Philadelphia. Concurrently, Brother James Butler, FSC, will become President of La Salle College High School in Wyndmoor. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia which operates West Catholic has appointed Brother Richard upon recommendation of the District administration while the Board of Trustees of La Salle has concurred with the Brothers’ request to advance Brother James’ term of office, previously slated to begin a year from then.

Last month, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia reversed its decision to close four high schools in the Philadelphia area including West Catholic High School.  The Brothers have been a part of the educational experience at West Catholic High School since 1926 and have gladly accepted the invitation to continue providing Lasallian leadership to this storied archdiocesan secondary school. Br. Richard Kestler, FSC, will bring his 52 years of experience as educator, administrator, and Brother of the Christian Schools to the Presidency at West Catholic.  Br. Richard is no stranger at West, where he served as Principal from 1973-1979, and President from 1999-2005.  Br. Richard leaves La Salle College High School after seven years as President.


Brother Richard Kestler

Succeeding Br. Richard at La Salle College High School in Wyndmoor is Br. James Butler, FSC.  With over 30 years experience as an educator and a Christian Brother, Br. James currently serves as the Principal of Christian Brothers Academy, a Lasallian college preparatory school for young men located in Lincroft, NJ.  He has been Principal of Christian Brothers Academy since 2008. Appointed the next president of La Salle this previous February, Brother James has served as a Trustee at La Salle for almost a decade.


Brother James Butler

In commenting on the appointments, Brother Dennis Malloy, FSC, Provincial Visitor of the District of Eastern North America expressed “the gratitude of all Lasallians on the East Coast for the flexibility of the governance, leadership, and school communities of La Salle College High School and Christian Brothers Academy in allowing the Brothers the freedom to respond creatively to the opportunities presented to them for leadership at West Catholic at this crucial time in its nearly 100 year history.”



submitted by:  GEORGE LIGHT

Making an announcement on February 24th that echoed throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Archbishop Chaput stated that West Catholic and the other three high schools, slated to close in June, would remain open.

A newly-created foundation of area businessmen and political leaders, dedicated to supporting catholic secondary education, helped ensure that West Catholic will continue to be a shining beacon at 45th and Chestnut.

Now, more than ever, your support is needed to help West Catholic successfully carry on its mission.

Increasing enrollment is a priority that will only be realized through West's ability to give tuition assistance.

I urge the Class of 1958, as well as all alumni, to support this effort as much as possible.

Let's make sure West continues to be Best!  Thank you.

Checks should be payable to  - West Catholic High School

Mailing Address:

West Catholic High School

Development Office

4501 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, PA  19139-3699





submitted by: BOB DOUGHERTY

picture added by:  FRANK ADOLF




Capt. David J. Sheridan, left, Rear Adm. Fernandez L. Ponds, Capt. Patrick M. Kelly and Lt. Jeffrey Moore CHC stood at attention Tuesday during the change of command ceremony at Pearl Harbor. Sheridan relinquished command of the USS Chosin (CG 65) to Kelly, who was former assistant chief of staff for operations for Carrier Strike Group One. Sheridan will be reporting as chief of staff for Commander, Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific.



JOINT BASE PERAL HARBOR-HICKAM, HAWAII (NNS) --  The guided missile cruiser USS Chosin (CG 65) held a change of command ceremony at Joint base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, April 3, 2012. 


Chosin bid farewell to Capt. David J. Sheridan and welcomed Capt. Patrick Kelly as the ship's new commanding officer, in a ceremony at the pier. 


Commander, Naval Surface Group, Middle Pacific, Rear. Adm. Frank Ponds was the honored guest and key speaker during the ceremony.  In his speech, Ponds commended Sheridan for a job well done as the commanding officer of Chosin since March 2010.


"You leave a tremendous legacy," said Ponds.  "In a few minutes you will witness the exchange of salutations and circumstance," said Ponds to those gathered.  "The words 'I relieve you,' signals to Capt. Sheridan a job well done.  For Capt. Kelly, this signals the beginning of a new chapter in his career.  One that I'm sure he eagerly anticipates."


Sheridan was the Weapons Officer and Combat Systems Offier aboard Chosin during an Arabian Gulf and Western Pacific deployment several years ago. 


'I've been fortunate to have two of the best tours of my career on this ship, one as a department head under the tutelage of Capt. Dennis Dean," said Sheridan.  "Now I'm back her again as captain.  Capt. Dean I'm proud to report the the War Dragon is back and in fighting shape.  I've done my best to pass on alll those lessons you taught me to the next generation." Sheridan said that Chosin has been a workhorse cruiser on Pearl Harbor fo the last two decased with eight major deployments. 


"As they say she's been rode hard and she is rough around the edges, but like her namesake, the Ware Dragon has the reputation of being the ship that gets the job done," said Sheridan.  "It's been an honor and privilege to serve with all of you.  Thank you for coming today ans supporting me in the effort to bring Chosin back where seh belongs, a war draon breathing fire at the tip of the spear." 


After Sheridan's speech, the two captains read their orders and exchanged salutes as Kelly took over command of Chosin.



submitted by:  WALT KOKOL




 published in the Philadelphia Inquirer - May 10, 2012


If anyone understood the pie-in-the-sky chances of becoming a successful author, it was Hugh Gilmore.  For 10 years, he owned a small bookshop in Chestnut Hill overflowing with old and rare novels, nonfiction, and poetry, the great and woeful majority of which no matter how well-written — were destined for dust-coated obscurity or the ignominy of the recycling bin.

Of the millions of books that have been published, I was the person deciding what gets passed on to the next generation.  It was a great responsibility,” he says. “I tried triage.  Would it be a free book?  On the $1 table?  Or in my shop as a collectible?  I did that constantly.  Handled thousands of books every week.  And 950 out of 1,000, I gave away.”

So, when he decided to write his own novel, he set forth with realistic expectations.

“How did it feel, tossing my 370 pages into the great mix?” he says with a laugh.  “I had something to say, and I wanted to say it.  All my life, I had thought about writing a novel.  To see your work in hardcover in a bookstore, that was one of the greatest life achievements one could ever hope for.  But now, it’s like wanting to be a great wagon-wheel maker.”

According to Bowker’s, a bibliographic database, the number of U.S. books withInternational Standard Book Numbers put out by self-publishing houses rose 160 percent between 2006 and 2010.  Which means that tens of thousands of writers using services like CreateSpace, Lulu Enterprises, Xlibris, Smashwords, and Authorhouse have been able to transform themselves into bona fide authors.

Few ever inch over the ledge into anything resembling success.  But so what?  Especially compared with the old days, only a few years ago, when writers would have had nothing to show for all their literary effort except a pile of rejection letters and a dust-covered manuscript in a box under the bed.

Gilmore had even more reason to forge ahead.  He figured he had nothing to lose because he had already suffered one of life’s greatest losses.

In 1988, his son Colin was killed by a drunk driver.  Colin was 18.

“Any parent who loses a child is really hurt and damaged by it,” Gilmore says.  “They have to spend a lot of time working out their grief.”

He and Colin’s mother divorced when Colin was in middle school.  The split derailed his relationship with his son, and they were just beginning to rebuild it when the accident happened.

“My life has until relatively recently been a guilt trip, yeah.  When I think about what was gained from the divorce, my freedom from a person that I didn’t get along that well with and other freedoms, they weren’t worth the pain of hurting the child.  But I couldn’t see that at the time.”

He can’t rewrite his life, of course, and in many respects would not want to, since he is happily remarried and has another son, who is now in his 20s.  Still, he says, Colin’s death accompanies Gilmore nearly everywhere.

Before the self-publishing boom, he wrote two novels containing a character who has lost a son, and part of a memoir in which he confesses to contemplating suicide.  “Once,” he recalls, “I almost stepped overboard during a puffin-watching trip in Maine.  It’s like loyalty.  Like your child is trapped on the other side of a glass wall and you have to go, you have to go help him.”

After numerous attempts to hitch his star to an agent, Gilmore gave up.

“I was sick of the process,” he says.  He is 71, with thick gray hair and a beard.  He wears khakis and race-walking sneakers and an air of weary gentleness.  “Marketing yourself is a whole different talent than writing.  An agent is a salesman.  They look at your work and think, ‘Can I make a profit on this?  Can I send my kid to summer camp based on the pages you just walked in here with?’?”

About 18 months ago, he decided to lighten up and write a mystery, based loosely on his tragedy.

In 1970, when Colin was an infant, Gilmore bought a bottle of vintage wine, Porto Kopke.  “I put this down to give to him when he turned 21,” he says, setting the inky black bottle with the desiccated lip on the table.

The wine served as a symbol for all the sweetness he would never taste watching his son grow into a man.  In the novel, the bottle is stolen and the father sets out after the thieves.

When the book was finished, he sent out 100 queries.  Four agents asked to see pages.  One, the whole manuscript.  None made an offer.

Then a friend persuaded him to publish it himself on Amazon.  He did.

So far, he has sold about 50 copies on Kindle and about the same number in paperbacks that he produces at a nominal fee on demand. In February, Kathy Bonnano, a friend who runs a literary arts center in Chestnut Hill, held a launch party for him.

I sell as many as I push,” he says.  “You can Google how to promote your book and come up with all kinds of advice, but getting the word out is very difficult. It’s exhausting.  I’d rather write.”

From time to time, he still feels the nagging urge to make it big.  “But how many readers do I need?” he asks.  “When you’re a novelist, if you get any readers, that’s wonderful.  How many is enough?  On Amazon, I may be 102,000th, but Dickens is probably lower.  It’s meaningless.”



  APRIL 27, 1920  -  MARCH 16, 2008
submitted by: FRANK METZLER



"Moon" Mullen was laid to rest on St. Joseph's Feast Day, the Patron Saint of a Happy Death, March 19, 2008.  His eulogy was written and read at his funeral by his daughter Lois Mullen Magee.



My Dad was a son, brother, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, but most importantly, he was a husband to his loving wife, Esther (Van Olden) Mullen, for 67 years. He fathered 4 children, had 11 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren.  He lived through the depression selling apples and was a Navy veteran in World War II.   He was from the "Greatest Generation".

My Dad was a movie usher, basketball, referee, decorated Strawbridge & Clothier showcase windows, directed the Valley Forge Military Academy field music for 42 years, played the baratone bugle and won first place in a National competition.  In addition, he played the snare drum and trumpet.  He taught field music in many Philadelphia area high schools, as well as many String Bands parading down Broad Street (sometimes winning first place).  He was a gym teacher and history teacher, track and field coach, and helped with physical therapy.  While teaching at West Catholic and eventually at St. Joseph's Preparatory High Schools, my father helped support young men with their tuition, by having deductions taken from his paycheck. Without hesitation, he would buy musical instruments for the less fortunate.  Dad continued his career in city Playground Programs.  Throughout his life, Dad was more than generous helping his parish and various youth groups.  Dad was from the "Greatest Generation".

Dad was a champion track and field star; he held the record time of 4.3 minute mile for a year.  He was the traveling secretary and half-time co-ordinator for the NFL Philadelphia Eagles and USFL Stars.  Also, he created and operated the Mid-Atlantic Judges Association.  He was a member of the Archer Epler VFW Post 979 in Upper Darby, PA.  My Dad was always making people laugh with his one liners and vaudeville style entertainment.  He was from the "Greatest Generation".

Our Dad loved the casinos, horse races, and cards.  Actually, he often took us on family outings to the race track.  Didn't every family do that?  Dad knew the Oscar Meyer Weiner driver, Herbie Mann.  Yes, the Weiner was parked in front of our house many a day!  Another point of interest was Dad and Mom parading in his self-created Philadelphia "Ole Fife and Drum Corps'.  Mom would play the fife and Dad the drum or carry the US American Flag.  Not surprisingly, Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross (always in costume) would call the house, expressly leaving messages to schedule appearances with Dad's fife and drum corps.  He was from the "Greatest Generation".

'We may have lost a piece of the past with dad's journey coming to an end, but the present and the future were greatly impacted by his generosity and zest for life.  He lived the life and had memories of 10 men.  May God hold him eternally close to his heart forever and ever, Amen.

                                                                         WE LOVE YOU DAD!!

Bill Mullen felt deeply about the education and help that the Christian Brothers of LaSalle (FSC) gave him throughout the years and wished to return some of that generosity.  His desire is that rather than flowers or Mass cards and other forms of sympathy that you send donations to assist the Christian Brothers in their retirement.


If you are inclined please send your gifts in his name to:

Brother Kevin Stanton, FSC
   Director of Development
   St. LaSalle Hall
     P.O. Box 1710
      Beltsville, MD 20704





submitted by:  FRANK ADOLF


Jim Prendergast:  By the way Frank, This (spring) newsletter was really excellent.  You really went out of your way in putting all the articles in, Kudos.  I am happy for George.


Jim Lynch:  Frank and Frank - Another fine edition; very informative should keep all our classmates up-to-date as to what is going on at WEST.  Really glad to hear the good news about George.  


Jim Clark:  Hello Frank, thank you very much for a Great Job, in putting this WC '58 Newsletter together.  


Vince Leonetti:  Thanks Frank, don't know what we would do without you and the other guys that makes this (luncheon) happen.


Joe GavaghanHey Frank,  $20.00 for my lunch ticket and $10.00 to help with postage.  Happy Easter to you and Penny.


Des Butler:  Sorry to miss this event. Valerie and I will be touring in Norway. Congratulations to all who helped save West Catholic. Thank you to all on your committee.


Brother Steven CasaleFrank, Thank you for the invitation, but I will not be attending.  Best wishes to all.


Al GreshHi Frank, I am coming to Philly on May 10th to have lunch with the Boys of "58".  This is my first time to the Class of 1958 Lunch Party.  I do hope to see many that I do not see at Burrs at the Beach.  Many Thanks.



Jack Neuschel:  Glad to receive the e-mail, but I will be unable to attend.  Enjoyed the earlier e-Mail indicating that West will remain open. Will send a check to West for support of the school.

Tom Sweeney:  Frank - I would like to be there but believe it or not I'm still teaching and also making it more difficult to get there after 3 on that day we have our last softball game that I'm the coach of.  Enjoy and say hello to the transy folks.  


Brother Larry Dempsey:  Frank: It's Larry Dempsey.  Thanks for inviting me as a guest to attend the luncheon on May 10. Due to personal circumstance, I will not be able to attend.  I am sure that all will go well and that, as usual, Good Shepherd will be well represented.


Brother Gregory Cavalier:  Hi, Frank, I can't wait to see that illustrious group of "bandits"!  See you there!


Ted Defosse:  Got the info but I am unable to attend.  Thanks for keeping me informed about West Catholic & the 1958



Andy Jaskolka:  Thanks for the invitation Frank.  I will especially miss Brother Gregory's presence and speech.  I won't

arrive in the Philadelphia area until the end of May so that's that...  Give my best to all and best regards for the year ahead.

Al Kern:  Hi Frank, I am sorry that I won't be able to attend.  Thank you for the reminder.  Give my regards to the guys and especially to Brother Gregory.  Best to you.

Gerry Vernot:  Frank, Thanks for the invitation, but I have to decline.  Been busy tutoring students and volunteering for Voice of the Faithful.   Best wishes, Gerry

Jim McManaman;  Frank
,  Thank you very much for following up.  I would definitely attend but my wife and I will be on travel at that time.  I know she would also want me to attend.  If possible, please save a picture or two.  Hopefully, we will meet again and soon at another Burrs event.  Thank you for your stewardship. Jim

Joe GrimleySorry Frank, I can't make it this year because of work.  I was hoping to attend.  Thanks for the reminder message.


Bob Shea:  Thanks for the notice Frank.  But no, I won’t be able to attend.  Hope all is well with you guys up there.



Frank McCarthy:  Hello Frank, due to other family functions I will not be able to attend the luncheon on May 10th. Keep me informed on any future business.


John SalveyLive to far from Philly now; live in Texas, would love to attend except for distance.


Joe InemerHello Frank, I will try to make the Luncheon.   I am still working full time and my duties and schedule makes it tough to attend functions such as the “58” Luncheon.  I will however mail you a check tomorrow to cover my cost.  Best Wishes, Joe


Charlie Bonner:  Hi, Frank, I can't make it.  Thanks for the invite and all you do to keep us up-to-date on the Burrs' activitiies.


Bob Dougherty:  Thank you for the invite but we just left, and probably won't be back for another year.  Did have dinner with Jack Sheridans' widow Bonnie the day after she returned from Hawaii where she attended the Change of Command ceremony.  Thanks for your efforts in keeping us in the loop.  Sláinte, Bobby Doc




Louie Penge: Frank,  I held off to the last minute b/c I was trying to workout the Thursday schedule.  My wife and I normally do not babysit on Thursdays, but that particular date we are.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this year.  Keep me in your prayers at the luncheon. Take good care, Louie

Dorothy Crines for Dave Crines:
  Frank: Dave asked me to reply to your email for him.  He is sorry that he never replied back about the luncheon, but he will not be able to make it.  He appreciates the invite, but unfortunately he is still not up to attending social functions.

He is back in therapy two days a week and they are working to build up his strength.  He is still not able to do much since he gets tired just walking down the street.  

He sends his best to everyone and asks to please say hello to all for him.  He does miss these events and hopefully some day in the future he will be able to attend.  The recovery is just an extremely slow process.  Thanks and enjoy the luncheon.

Don Carty:  As I live in South Carolina, it is too far away for me to attend.  Best of Luck.

John Heron:  Frank, Good to hear from you; sorry, I won't be able to make the luncheon this time around.  Maybe the next one.  

Carl Wagner:  Hello Frank, Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the luncheon.  We will be leaving for Atlanta early on Wednesday 5/9.  Our granddaughter has a leading role in her school concert that week and we have no flexibility on the departure time.  Please say hello to Brother Gregory.  There were alot of exceptional Brothers at West but he was at the top of the list.  Best regards, Carl


Kathleen McDonnell for Frank:  Hi, Frank, Thanks for the reminder, Frank said count him in.  He is leaving for Ireland the next morning May 11th, and he thought he would not be able to make it because there is always so much last minute things to do.  It's good he will get to see everyone before he leaves so he will be sending in his check.


Jim McGrath:  Hi Frank, Sorry to say I won't be able to make it to the Luncheon.  Plans call for us to be out of town that week. Will miss seeing everyone, especially Brother Gregory, and catching up.  Hope to see everyone next year at the 55th.


Gene Carroll:  Frank - sorry for the late response.  Due to other committments I will not be able to attend.


Phil Killian:  Frank, sorry I cannot make luncheon, TY for keeping me on E mails.  I do appreciate it.  My wife has not been well and I find it hard to get out, but do keep me informed.


Jim English:  (from Facebook) West Catholic High School's Class of 1958 Luncheon was a wonderful time.  Great to share good food and good conversation and catch up with everyone.  BS didn't get too deep!






Joe Speakman, Rich Loftus, Joe McGrory, Jim McCluskey, Pete O'Hara, George McKnight, Jim O'Malley, Jack Wynn,

Dan D'Adamo, Bill Boyer, Jim Quinn, Rich Duff, Gene Campbell, David Senn, John Callahan, Ken Hemphill, Jim Maynes, Don Barna, Joe Luglio, Ron Miles, Joe Stubblebine, Charles J. Johnson, Tom McLaughlin and Joe Myers.

We appreciate your responses and thank you for taking the time to acknowledge the luncheon invitation. 























WE REMEMBER and ask for your prayers for those who are ill, especially Dave Crines who is recovering from a stroke.


Please pray for all who have gone to their eternal reward, especially our classmates -




James J. Kramer - passed on March 27, 2012  





Martin Murphy - passed on April 11, 2012





Robert Shuff Sr. - passed on April 24, 2012





James T. Rowan - passed on April 27, 2012



May Jim, Marty, Bob and Jim rest in peace.


The complete listing of our honored deceased and their high school graduation pictures can be found on the Golden Burrs Website at: www.goldenburrs-1958.com





If you have moved, please respond to this newsletter and send us your new mailing address so we can update our records for the upcoming 55th Anniversary Reunion.  If you should change your e-mail address in the future, please remember to send  your  new address to fjapfa@netzero.net



God Bless WEST CATHOLIC!   Live Jesus in our Hearts.  Forever.